Shock of the Form is an exhibition of photography, film and ice sculptures bringing together two artists: photographer Peer Lindgreen and ice sculptor Duncan Hamilton. For Hamilton, the idea began more than 40 years ago, with pieces discarded on the studio floor as he created commissioned sculptures.  On second glance, from a different perspective, he was struck by the naturally occurring, mesmerising beauty inside these frozen fragments. Over the decades, an innate sense of how the material behaves developed and he learned to manipulate the ice to stunning effect. 

The forms of each series in this exhibition are both deliberately and deceptively simple to reveal the extraordinary effects within that have always enthralled Hamilton, and now drawn the eye and camera of Lindgreen.  During this four-year collaboration, ice has been subjected to extremes of temperature – from overnight in a -25 degree chest freezer to intense sunlight – and the deft hand of Hamilton working with blow torch, Japanese chisels and hand saws.

Playing with different exposures to explore the relationship between light and ice, Lindgreen has captured a fascinating glimpse of the material, from elongated bubbles and the gathering of minerals that trace the path and pace of the ice as it has frozen, to sculptures on the limits of fragility, seemingly impossible, in the fleeting moments before they vanish.