Peer Lindgreen studied photography in his home country of Denmark before moving to the UK in 1992 and establishing his photographic business in South East London.

“The light and colours from my native northern European country be it from the short winter days or the long evenings in the summer, have always influenced my way of photographing”.

In Shock of the Form, Peer sometimes found himself operating in temperatures of minus 20 degrees Celsius, playing around with different exposures to explore the relationship between light and ice. It is this that most fascinated Peer:

“‘Abstract other-worldly sci-fi pieces would greet me at times and other times more earthy works, a wonderful blend of ice sculpting and texture. Every time I went, I just fell more and more in love with this frozen art form.”

Peers Lindgreens work has been shown in multiple solo and group exhibitions and during which time he has received numerous awards including Gold and Silver in The Association of Photographers Awards, and a D&AD pencil.