Shock of the Form II

Shock of the Form II is a unique collaboration between two award-winning artists: photographer, Peer Lindgreen and ice sculptor, Duncan Hamilton.

Balanced on the very limits of fragility, Shock of the Form II enters a transparency of thought, as naturally occurring minerals, cracks and refractions gather in response to changes in light and temperature. Ice leads the conversation, captured in the life-cycle of a moment, as a constantly shifting landscape of glacial governance plays with the way we perceive and interact with the world. An other worldly, seemingly impossible lone figure seeks to examine the precarious and ephemeral interrelationship between man and nature on a planet, critically wounded; passing through to share the secrets that exist only in the fleeting breath before they vanish, for ever.

Details TBA


Gerald Moore Gallery
Mottingham Lane

3 – 19 MARCH 2022